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Simple Crypto

We make web3 effortless


Simple Crypto is currently doing a closed launch with select partners. If you’re interested in integrating, please reach out to

Web3's UX Problem

Imagine someone new to web3 arrives at your dapp. This is what their current user journey looks like:

  1. Buy crypto through an exchange after going through an inconvenient KYC flow
  2. Set up a separate wallet and secure their secret phrase (probably insecurely)
  3. Transfer that crypto from the exchange to their new wallet (what is an "address" and why is it so long?!)
  4. Start using your dapp (finally!), but realize they have to pay non-trivial fees on every transaction
  5. Struggle to grasp why their transaction didn't work, only to find out they didn't pay enough gas (the thing for cars?)

Ouch! Even for experienced tech and crypto people, this process is tedious and an easy way to lose money.

Simple Crypto's Solution

Simple Crypto builds tools that makes it easy for you to onboard your users onto web3. Save your users hours of confusion with just a few lines of code.

Our Offerings:

  • A seamless, embeddable wallet with email based login. No seed phrases!
  • Send Transaction API: Reliably Send Blockchain Transactions
  • Meta Transactions: Offer end-users a gasless experience
  • Simulate Transaction API: Detect malicious transactions and prevent fraud before submitting
  • Transaction Rules Engine: Proactive fix and reformat transactions

All of these can be completely whitelabeled to your dapp's needs.

Last updated on February 6, 2023