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Gasless Transactions

Gasless Transactions Overview

Simple Crypto’s Relayer API is optimized for offering gasless transactions.

Blockchain transactions require gas, or a transaction fee, which is confusing for first-time web3 users. First time Ethereum users will send a stablecoin or another ERC20 token to a new wallet only to discover that they also need blockchain-native tokens to pay for transactions.

Blockchain transactions are also prone to taking longer than expected due to underpaying of transaction fees, or being dropped entirely from the mempool.

This is frustrating for new users and leads to higher drop off in onboarding new users to web3. The Simple Crypto Gasless infrastructure is easy for developers to integrate and abstracts away complexities of submitting transactions for end users.

Gasless Transaction Patterns

We offer a couple patterns for gasless transactions.

  • (Recommended) Safe Smart Contract Wallets: give users a smart contract wallet that natively supports gasless transactions.
  • Gas Station Network: use gasless transactions in a Gas Station Network compatible application.
  • Your own custom solution: Simple Crypto can suppport any gasless transaction pattern. If you want one that we don't offer in our SDK, feel free to add one yourself.

If there's another pattern that your application needs, please reach out.

Last updated on February 6, 2023