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Smart Transactions

Smart Transactions (Alpha)

Using a new decentralized application (dapp) is time consuming and complicated. Dapps require a specific tokens which often involves:

  • swapping tokens
  • bridging tokens
  • token approvals
  • ...other common transactions

This is all to get a single transaction to succeed for a new dapp! Our smart transaction engine simplifies the process of using a new dapp by handling the complexity of common smart contract operations. Instead of spending minutes (sometimes hours!) to onboard onto a new protocol, users' transactions will just work.

We use smart transactions internally in our NFT Checkout product. Our NFT Checkout smart transaction automatically inserts approvals and NFT transfers on behalf of the user so that they don't need to think about the complexity of minting an NFT.

Our Smart Transactions product is flexible for all sorts of workflows and smart contracts. You can use it to ensure your users never worry about complicated token operations.


Reach out to is you are interested in integrating!

Last updated on February 7, 2023